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About H2O Partners

H2O Partners is an Istanbul based international learning services and professional development solutions provider. We deliver learning solutions to support customers as they adapt to key business transformations and technological advancements that drive the way that organizations around the world differentiate themselves and thrive. Our learning programs, whether designed for a global organization or an individual professional, help businesses close skills gaps and foster an environment of continuous talent development.

Offering the most relevant and timely content delivered by the best instructors, highly experienced ex-managers, we provide customers around the world with their choice of customized private programs, convenient public training scheduling options, flexible delivery formats and continuous learning support to accelerate their success. Our business skills solutions teach management and leadership development, essential communications skills, business analysis and process improvement. With thousands of courses spanning from foundational training to specialized certifications, our core training system is focused on understanding the learning way of participants which may accelerate the career path for professionals.

Besides we offer comprehensive professional development for advancements in application development, big data analytics, change management, cloud computing etc. with our solution partners.

Our vision is to spread the information that we gained and make everyone share its enhanced version.


  • Accurate and usable information
  • Determination of development map for individuals
  • Presentation of innovative educational content including the latest applications compatible with the rapidly changing world of business
  • Specially prepared trainings for companies in different sectors
  • Industry compliant technical and narrative examples and applications
  • Support the educational content, specially designed video learning and e-learning solutions
  • Supported by classroom training videos shown in class
  • Effective hybrid solutions like video learning / e-learning / class education for better results
  • Consultancy for the measuring and reporting systems after-training results